5 Signs Your Smartphone Battery Is Dying | The iPhone Guy

Posted on 11th Oct 2021 06:22:56 in

There’s nothing more annoying than having a smartphone that’s designed for portability but needs to stay close to a wall socket.

You bought a feature-packed smartphone you can take anywhere with you but years -- sometimes even months later, you

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Dropped Your Phone in Water? Here Are 8 Things You Should Do | The iPhone Guy

Posted on 11th Oct 2021 06:20:54 in

Picture this -- you wake up, scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and emails for way too long. You finally climb out of bed and get ready to take a bath because you really need to treat yourself. As you start thinking through your to-do list for the day, you start filling the bathtub with water.

As you queue a bath time playlist, your phone slipped out of your semi-wet hands and into the water-filled tub! As

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Is Your Laptop On The Fritz? Now Is The Time To Repair It Before School Starts | The iPhone Guy

Posted on 8th Aug 2021 20:17:52 in

Using a laptop for school? It’s time to check and see if you need to get something fixed before school work flows in. Read below to know what you should look out for, and what you should do when you spot an issue.

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Is It Worth Repairing a Broken MacBook, or Should You Sell It? | iPhone Guy

Posted on 12th Jul 2021 01:29:28 in

Whether we’re talking about the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, one thing’s for sure -- anyone who’s used any of them long enough has experienced a problem or two, such as a cracked LCD, a bad battery, or some other hardware issue. 

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Top 5 Phone Accessories You Should Seriously Consider Purchasing | iPhone Guy

Posted on 7th Jun 2021 09:41:30 in

High megapixel cameras, big touchscreens, thumping loudspeakers, and the likes aren’t just enough to satisfy the needs of today’s phone users. Some want more battery juice without the need for a wall socket, some need extra protection for their phones, while some love the convenience of wireless earphones and headphones. 

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